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Over the years, biking has become more than a means of transportation, it has become a lifestyle with open road riding, friendship and adventure all rolled into a union between man and machine.

Biking has also provided a basis for friendship and togetherness between men and women as exhibited in biker clubs around the world. This has resulted to Bikers coming together to celebrate biking and all the adventure related to it across regions. With this in mind, the Carnival intends to bring the biker's celebration to Lagos as a celebration of bikers from across Africa. We were pleased to introduce the first ever West African bike and car street racing event to be hosted in Lagos Nigeria “BIKESTAXX”.

BIKESTAXX aims to become West Africa's Premier Motorcycle, Entertainment and Swag Carnival of roaring power, beauty and colors that will showcase entertainment for families as well as educate and encourage the new youthful market about safe and responsible motorcycling. Over 10,000 visitors will have the unique opportunity to experience the tourism potentials and ambience of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Together with the various manufactures, associated brands and industry members, BIKESTAXX aims to combine event entertainment experience, international media partnerships and local market expertise to ensure the Carnival becomes THE MUST ATTEND annual motorcycle show in Africa.

BikeStaxx is designed as a 3-day annual event for Car and Bike Enthusiasts young & mature, male & female to open up the Racing industry and merging it with entertainment for empowerment. It is a tourism event and one that will be charged with non-stop music, Bike and car rides, stunts, races, fun, exhibitions and lots of competition.

Lagos gives a perfect location for the various bike and car activities the carnival brings from the open streets, to the hospitality of the city to the ocean view on the island and most of all the nightlife that caters and soothes the weary muscles after a long hard day, all these qualities of Lagos makes it the perfect location for an annual Bike and Car Fest.

Our aim is to organize an event that would bring together motorcycling enthusiasts from all over the country, and the rest of Africa. However, Lagos BIKESTAXX will stand out as it will be a fusion of biking events, Lagos hospitality, fun and lifestyle.

Our Mission

The BIKESTAXX mission is to give an outlet to all bikers in Africa the ability to have a platform, network and continue to develop themselves in the attempt to cultivate their bike and car riding skills while becoming successful and creating revenue for their countries tourism sector and engage the mind and energy of more youth in a positive and holistic way.

Our Vision

In the short term our vision is to make Lagos the center for the largest motorcycle carnival for all ages, works of life and industry in Africa.

Our long term aim in creating this event will be to drive awareness to a potential new target audience each year and create a sustainable, annual and internationally recognized brand that will bring together the experienced and the young motivators to encourage and grow a new generation of motorcyclists/ automobile fans in Africa and beyond.

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